I still shift focus every now and then.

It has obviously grown more gradual over time so I guess it's hardly noticable from the outside. And it doesn't prevent serious detours on occasion. Hard to tell which is which sometimes.

I have some notion of what a few of the steps along the way might be, as in things I'd like to do creatively with the set of ideas I've got, but I don't really want to know more than that.

What I enjoy the most really, is expanding and defining my little alternate reality that, while founded in the real world, is slowly but steadily becoming it's own thing. Perhaps even coherent within it's own confines. There's the metaphors, some running themes and recurring characters that populate familiar and peculiar vistas. Some of the real world's rules I can’t stand to break, while I don't think twice about breaking others.

I'm not too crazy about dissecting the inner workings here, but I'm not really out to purvey some message so seeking that is missing the point, I think.

It is all idea driven though, as I can’t even come up with a simple sketch without some idea of where it's going. Plenty of philosophical pondering and head scratching involved there.
It doesn’t have to be a finished thought, just enough to give me an angle or two. Maybe some tentative titles (and sometimes only that!). Usually it develops further once it's under way. Sometimes the premise doesn't hold up, and that's the worst. Basically, it's a mind game just to get started.

Failing from time to time just means you're still trying hard enough, so that's good. I'd hate to be stuck in whatever came before, which is not to say that nothing is worth revisiting.

Until the next focus shift!

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